Why is my dog ​​snoring?

Today we will explain various reasons why this can happen and what you can do in this case, so that the nighttime idyll is not disturbed.

Dogs suffer from many diseases that we humans know well. The fur noses can also snore! Today we will explain various reasons why this can happen and what you can do in this case, so that the nighttime idyll is not disturbed. If your dog is snoring, you should do something about it!

For what reasons does my dog ​​snore?

Dogs can snore for a variety of reasons. Some breeds are more prone to it because of their anatomy. Schnauzer dogs snore more often because often these races have airway problems pre-programmed.

Flat-headed dogs snore more often

Breeds with a short muzzle, such as Pekingese, Pugs or Boxers, often suffer from respiratory problems and are therefore known for their noisy sleep. Their anatomy makes it difficult to breathe and dogs often have to breathe through the mouth.

Often, therefore, it comes to breathing sounds when the dogs are not sleeping.

When other races snore

The dog explores its environment through odors. But when the nose becomes blocked by environmental particles, the unpleasant snoring sound can keep the whole family awake.

In this case you should consult a veterinarian to solve the problem.

Also diseases can cause the nocturnal snoring concert. If the respiratory tract is clogged, the breathing becomes more difficult and as with us humans, it can come to the snoring.

However, it could also be a warning sign of serious disease: a respiratory infection, strep throat or even a tumor could be responsible for the snoring.

What to do if the dog is snoring?

The sleeping position can also cause snoring because depending on the situation, breathing can be made more difficult. If your dog is snoring, for this reason, try to gently surround it without waking it up. If this does not help, other measures are needed.

What can one do if the beloved quadruped snores and keeps everyone awake? First, a visit to the vet is announced to find out the exact reasons. Depending on the diagnosis, the veterinarian will prescribe appropriate treatment or give tips.

While it may sometimes be fun to watch a snoring dog, remember that there is probably a health problem behind it. That’s why you should get to the root of the snoring concert!

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