What is the root cause of stress and anxiety?

Keep in mind that there is no situation that creates stress or concern in itself, but our reaction to a particular situation causes what we feel about that situation.

What would you think of it if I told you that I thought there was only one root cause of stress and worry? It would sound vague and weird to you, wouldn’t it? In an age when life on Earth seems more complex than ever before, the idea that there is only one root cause of stress and worry seems very unrealistic and absolutely illogical.

But let’s start by exploring one very interesting thought in the book The Course of Miracles – a book that Dr. Helen Schucman “received” in the 1960s, and then decide for yourself. At first glance, the thought sounds quite abstract but is to try to make it at least a little more concrete and practical. It comes down to how we think we have many problems, while basically we have only one problem – we live with the perception of separation from our Source / God.

In other words, on a deeper level, we believe that we are separate from our Source. We believe that our Source is something that is somewhere outside of us and that is our only real problem. All the other problems, to paraphrase the Course of Miracles, are just illusions that at the former level seem real, while, basically, we are only dreaming.

When I first came across the idea from the Miracle Course, it reminded me of an anecdote about a Buddha who, as the story goes, visited numerous villages, spread his teaching, and helped people make their lives better. People would come to him with different problems, but when he listened patiently to them, he would tell everyone in a gentle and compassionate voice, “Wake up!” After going through several hundred villages, one of the students who constantly accompanied him on trips asked him why he was responding to everyone the same way, despite people telling him about completely different problems they were facing.

The Buddha answered him, “Imagine being able to enter into the dreams of certain people and communicate with them while dreaming of nightmares. Some of them complain about being chased by demons, some talk about the beasts running after them, while some moan about fearing what tomorrow will bring. Does it make sense to tell them anything other than to wake up? “.

Since I often come to people who, among other things, want to learn how to naturally reduce stress and become happier and more fulfilled in work and life, the thought in the Miracle Course has opened me up to a whole new perspective on looking at stress, anxiety and fears people (or rather all of us) face it daily.

Building on the previous thought, the Course states that our perception of separation from our Source on a deeper level causes us to feel immature at the root of any form of our concern and stress. Think about it, you will not experience stress and worry about something that is or may happen in the future when you believe that you can handle it easily. Only when you experience yourself in a juvenile situation you are facing (or may face in the future) do you feel stress, anxiety and numerous fears that are triggered as a result of feelings of immaturity (caused by the perception of separation from the Source / God).

Given that a sense of immaturity in a particular situation is a major cause of our stress and concern, the solution, as stated by the Miracle Course, is to begin to create confidence in the power of God that is at our disposal instead of relying solely on our personal strength.

When we count only on our personal strength, stress, anxiety and various fears are often justified – because our personal strength is very limited. At the conscious level, we do not have a complete picture of what is happening in our lives, what awaits us tomorrow, and how the situations we face are interconnected. However, when we start counting on the power of God or the power of the Source within us in our daily lives, our understanding of life, ourselves, and what we consider possible changes.

The more we gain confidence in the power of God / the Source within us, the more willing we are to allow ourselves to begin the life we ​​have always wanted and for which, in the depths of ourselves, we somehow feel that it is “reserved” for us. However, if the idea above makes sense to you and you feel that it somehow resonates with you, keep in mind that it is not enough to be familiar with the concept alone, as knowing the information simply will not mean too much in a practical sense.

Therefore, if you are interested in putting this idea into practice, here are two simple, practical, very effective ways…

Immediately after waking up, before doing anything else, take a few minutes and in a sitting position, eyes closed, mentally repeat the following thought: “I trust in the power of God that is in me.”

Repeat the thought at the rhythm that suits you best at the time of repetition. As you repeat, be in a receptive state in which you allow the thought you are repeating to penetrate as deeply as possible into your consciousness. You can do the same right before bed.

Another way to put this idea into practice is to say every time you feel any form of stress, worry, or fear, in the usual way, mentally say, “I trust in the power of God in me.” . The more often you repeat the procedure described above, your reaction to situations that otherwise cause you stress and anxiety will begin to change.

Keep in mind that there is no situation that creates stress or concern in itself, but our reaction to a particular situation causes what we feel about that situation. Or, in other words, stress and worry are not a consequence of what is happening in our lives but a consequence of what we think is happening.

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