What does it mean to surrender to the guidance of your inner wisdom?

After publishing the Forgotten Experience book, people often ask me what it basically means to give in to the guidance of your inner wisdom. With this article, I will try to clarify to you an idea that I consider to be key in the process.

What I think is most important to keep in mind when considering giving yourself the guidance of your inner wisdom is that all your activity (except reflex reactions) is triggered by your will. Without the influence of your own will you would not be able to move your hand, for example. The will sends an impulse to your brain, which moves the hand or stimulates any other activity you do. In other words, you would not be able to take any activity without using your will.

However, your will is not an entirely autonomous part of your psyche. Your will is merely a “tool” available to your psyche. One of the most important features of your will is that it is incapable of making decisions on its own.

Accordingly, the following logical question arises: “If our will is incapable of making decisions on its own, who is the one who makes the decisions that will be ‘enforced’ by our will?”.

This is exactly where the idea of ​​surrendering to the guidance of your inner wisdom comes into play, because only two “masters” can manage your will – your ego (along with beliefs and past memories) or your Spirit (inner wisdom). There is no third option.

We make our decisions either from the state of the will of the “ego” or from the state of the “will of the Spirit” (which is the will of your inner wisdom, which you can call whatever you want and see fit).

Based on the “default position” our will is governed by our ego – and we all know what that looks like. 🙂

However, if you want your inner wisdom to begin to govern your will – the will of the Spirit – you need to start consciously and continuously working on it. It is not just a new choice, but a process to go through in order to understand (on a deeper level) that there is basically only the “will of the Spirit” and only by allowing the will of the Spirit to lead us through life can we express ourselves in a way we want it deep in our heart.

As long as our ego governs our will (which is the default position), we base all our lessons on the past, the mechanisms of the ego, and our limited understanding of the ego – so such decisions cannot be authentic. For example, when we want to achieve a goal or change something in our life – and it seems to us that whatever we do, we always return to the same – it is very likely that we operate from the level of ego (past) rather than Spirit (inspiration).

The will of our ego is in most cases contrary to the will of our Spirit – especially when it comes to important life choices. I often like to mention that the ego likes to say, “Father, let it be Your will … as long as it is in accordance with my will!”

In any case, it is important to keep in mind that you do not decide whether your will is under someone else’s “command”. She is already under someone’s guidance (because she cannot function autonomously), it is just a question under whose – under the guidance of ego or Spirit! There is no third option.

It is clear to me that this article did not provide you with a complete answer, just a basic explanation of the terms. However, I hope that I have been able to clarify to you what is basically left to the leadership of your inner wisdom.

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