What are the tactile hairs of dogs for?

The tactile hairs allow dogs, for example, to find their way around at night better. When these hairs are cut off, the fur noses lose certain abilities, which can lead to insecurity.

Have you ever wondered what the dog hair of your dog is for? They have several very interesting features that we report on today. Read on to learn more.

The importance of the tactile hair of dogs

Often the probes are cut off from dogs, which is not dangerous but does not do any good for the four-legged friend. The whisker hairs are also referred to as Vibriss and give the animal a “sixth sense”. Without it, the dog loses certain abilities that are very important and useful to him.

The bristles are much more firmly anchored in the skin of the dog than the remaining hair. They are also twice as thick and stand out clearly. The Tasthaare are not only found in the mustache area, but also near the eyes and other facial areas.

The Vibrissos are very important for the perception ability of the dog, so he can explore his environment. Do not forget that the fur nose perceives the world differently than we do.

Another feature is very important: dogs do not have eyelashes, but the vibranes help them to protect their eyes from foreign bodies!

Why do dogs use their scraps?

We will then go into a little more detail on how the Tasthaare dogs help to perceive their environment. It allows you to capture information and measure distances. You can compare the vibrations with the antennae of the insects. The four-legged friends can thus find out a lot about the nature and shape of an object.

If you lightly touch the dog’s vibrios, the animal usually closes the eye of the same face half and turns its head to protect itself. The contact with the facial hair has a direct effect on other body parts of the dog.

Some dog groomers recommend to reduce the vibrations in certain breeds, but this limits the ability of the dog. You should think about your dog’s well-being before making the decision to cut off the scores.

By shortening the Vibrissen the dog can be shyer and fearful, in addition, he often loses self-assurance. It may be strange because it lacks an important perception!

Why do the dog’s touches react to touch?

Not only on the face are tactile hair. Also distributed throughout the body, a dog has special hair with tactile receptors. These take contact and forward them via the receptors to the hair follicles.

Because these tactile hairs are firmly anchored in the skin, the contact creates a stimulus that is transmitted to the body and produces a reflex.

This ability to perceive is also very important in the dark, because it can be used to detect distances to objects. You’ve probably already noticed that even in the dark your dog has no problems moving through the house. You yourself are not capable of taking a step without bumping into an object.

Through the movement of air vortices, which hit on the Vibrissen, the dog can recognize obstacles. This way even blind fur noses can move safely without bumping into objects.

As mentioned earlier, the tactile hair is very important to a dog. It is a kind of early warning system to protect against collisions. At the same time, it protects eyes from injury. So there is no reason to cut the vibes!

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