Want to be perfect? Don’t waste your energy in vain …

How much of our life energy is spent on being better, even better… .perfect and following a model we created in our own mind.

Everyone has their movie in their head where they have the ideal of the perfect person, the perfect self, the perfect life and the like. Super skinny, super smart, super strong, super free, super-spiritual, super cool.

Do we distance ourselves from wanting to be different?

In essence, the farther away we are, the more we try and strive to be different; more open, faster, leaner, smarter (whatever that means), more feminine, more powerful, etc.

True transformation begins when we are able to accept the “imperfect” parts of ourselves. This means that we are ready to bring to light all that we did not want others to see until now. Because it is the only path to freedom, to ourselves and the realization that we are perfect in ourselves. Maintaining the mask is very laborious and prevents our fulfillment because we are cut off from ourselves and our own source.

In other words, when you feel abandoned, sad and needy, and you act out that you don’t need anything because you are “off the rock”, you are well on your way to being unhappy and alone for the rest of your life. You may not be physically alone, but be you will be precluded from having a true, deep, loving relationship with other beings.

Admit to yourself your true feelings

Only by acknowledging our real feelings and conditions can we enter our wounds and see our true need and longing. What keeps us from being honest with ourselves and then others is the fear of repeating the pain we have experienced once (or more) in the past. We probably showed our truth (sadness, need, passion, power, need, etc.) and were punished, rejected, unnoticed … wounded in some way.

Then our system shut down to express that need, and we put on a mask to serve as a shield against possible harm that would happen if we expressed ourselves again in that way.

And what we did then was separate from ourselves and love. We put on a mask to live our lives and the idea that we are really great when we don’t need anyone, when we can do everything on our own, when we are very successful or constantly have to be in the role of victim, sick, wounded, to get attention.

Being strong is as perfect as being sad

And so through the idea of ​​the perfect self, we remain in the pursuit of love, seeking to unknowingly fulfill some idea of the perfect person; “For when we are perfect then we will be loved; by ourselves and by others.”

The key is to realize that it is just as perfect to be needy, sad, confused as strong, or joyful. Being able to afford all these conditions frees us. We become free at all times, realizing that we do not have to try to be different in order to be perfect because by our very nature we are already perfect.

We are the Source itself, the Life, the Universe, the Divine or whatever you want to call it. By embracing the layers of “imperfection” we come to perfection.

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