Tricks to calm a dog in noise

Noise can cause intense anxiety in a dog, or it can lead to a phobia that needs to be treated by veterinarians or psychologists.

Loud noises can terrify a dog and even lead to heart racing: an ambulance, rain, a door-bang, or fireworks … Some dogs have a lot of noise, but what can be done to calm them down?

Afterwards, you will find various tricks so that your dog does not have to suffer.

Afraid of noise? These tips can help

A video circulating on social networks shows how a dog wrapped in a cotton ribbon relaxes. However, this trick does not work for noise-sensitive dogs.

Noise can cause intense anxiety in a dog, or it can lead to a phobia that needs to be treated by veterinarians or psychologists. Dogs have excellent hearing and are even able to predict noise.

In case of strong or sudden noise, a pet tends to flee or hide.

So you can calm your dog in noise

First, make sure that the dog suffers from fear and not phobia because the treatment is different. A phobia needs to be treated by a doctor.

  • Prepare a safe area for your dog at home. You certainly know where in the house your dog feels safest. If he is frightened by the noise, he can hide and protect himself in this area. Animals act instinctively right now. If furniture or other things get in the way, the dog may get hurt. The way to the hiding place should be as free as possible. You can cover the windows with blankets here to reduce noise.
  • If the dog feels safe in a transport cage, you should remove the door so he can quickly hide in it.
  • Always stay calm and do not scold the dog. He is afraid and needs to be calmed down. Do not spoil it, otherwise, you will promote fear.
  • Do not force the dog to come out of the hiding place. Even if the noise is over, the dog needs some time to recover.


Follow these tips to keep your dog from suffering too much from noise. Many sources of noise can not be eliminated or anticipated. But if you know that fireworks are imminent, you can already darken a room so that your dog can crawl.

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