The simplest and safest way to cut your dog’s claws

Too long claws are uncomfortable for the dog, dirt sticks more easily and they can cause different problems for the animals as well as for us humans.

All pets need regular care to help them live a healthy life. Just as unkempt fur can lead to skin diseases or parasites, so too long claws can affect the welfare of a dog. Therefore, we want to explain to you in this article how to do it right.

Tools and preparation

To cut the claws of the dog in a simple and pleasant way, you need the following things:

  • A special dog scissors: There are scissors, clippers, pliers … Depending on the size and breed, there are different models, let you advise the best in the trade.
  • Little treats to motivate the four-legged friend: With a reward, the dog will prefer to endure claw cutting.
  • If you cut the dog claws too short, your dog may start to bleed. Therefore, you should always have a disinfectant and hemostatic agent on hand to treat the injury.

Treat your dog to the claw scissors

At first sight, your dog may be scared, so it’s best to slowly get used to the tool. Slowly move the scissors to one paw, touching the claws without cutting them. Watch how your dog reacts! Open and close the claw shears to hear the clicking sound and get your dog used to it.

Petting and a reward will scare your dog’s scissors. Every animal is different, so the process of getting used to can take a different amount of time. Once your four-legged friend gets used to the claw cutter, you can start cutting.

It is highly recommended to ask a veterinarian before the first claw cutting, which model is best for the dog and how best to cut the claws. After all, you do not want to harm your pet.

So you cut the claws properly

First, find out where in the claw the blood vessels are. In white dog claws, this part is colored pink, gray in black claws. Be careful not to cut into this area as your dog will start to bleed otherwise.

The distance to the blood vessels should always be more than two millimeters. If your dog still starts to bleed, calm him down and use the hemostatic agent that you should always have at hand for such cases.

If you take this into account, you can easily cut the claws. Crucial in this case, however, is the dog’s reaction. Should your four-legged friend become restless or bite, you better leave this job to an experienced dog hairdresser.

Why care is so important

Too long claws are uncomfortable for the dog, dirt sticks more easily and it can also cause various problems for the animal or even for yourself. Proper and regular care is part of hygiene.

Too long claws can cause the following problems:

  • Increased risk of infection: After a long day in nature or on a city walk, pathogens accumulate under the claws. Dogs and other animals often scratch their paws. An injury caused by dirty and too long claws is dangerous to the dog and the people surrounding it.
  • Ingrown claws: Ingrown claws are very painful and prone to infection.
  • Problems walking, running or jumping.

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