The easiest way to stop smoking and lose weight

In the process of hypnosis carried out by the therapist, a suggestion that comes from the outside is conveyed to the patient, and he accepts it.

Hypnosis is as old as humanity. As early as the fourth millennium BC, the Sumerians knew hypnosis, as in ancient Egypt, then in ancient Greece, priests whispered to each patient in the ear certain suggestions to activate their own healing power. The modern history of hypnosis begins with Mesmer, who has had sensational successes in healing, treating even Maria Antoinette and other members of the French court.

There is a kind of “half-consciousness” between wakefulness and sleep. In this state, physical functions are reduced while they are spiritually active. The British Association of Physicians defines hypnosis as: phenomena, by themselves or in response to verbal and other stimuli. “

In the process of hypnosis carried out by the therapist, a suggestion that comes from the outside is conveyed to the patient, and he accepts it. Hypnosis has a profound effect on the whole organism. It accelerates or slows breathing, affects the secretion of gastric juice, sweating, coughing, yawning, sexual function, metabolism, pupil width, etc. …

Hypnosis is a state of narrowed consciousness, and in hypnosis, the patient’s attention is intensified, he hears every word and sound, is slightly critical, his consciousness is narrowed but awake.

Hypnosis has nothing to do with magic or supernatural happenings. With hypnosis, we can influence not only functional diseases but also severe organic disorders. We often hear that hypnosis is dangerous. Hypnosis is a completely harmless technique and is recommended for anyone who wants to get rid of bad habits (smoking, weight loss, alcohol consumption, others, and for all other problems and illnesses …).


Our life is governed not by our will (as we often think), but by our pictorial representations, and in our minds, we can imagine whatever and how we want. This is proof that we can shape our lives according to our own wishes (although many people think differently …). Knowing these facts, we are no longer slaves to our destiny, but to our masters. Many of us strive to achieve a goal by our will, but often we fail. Every effortless effort without pictorial imagination is not only futile but often causes even the opposite of what we want to achieve. Our thoughts are crucial to our destiny, so it is extremely important to learn to control your thoughts, as suggested in hypnosis.

In order for hypnosis to succeed, it is important to establish contact between the therapist and the client in an atmosphere of trust. The client is explained that this is a completely harmless technique, and often the question is “will I be able to wake up after hypnosis?” Everyone wakes up.

What is Hypnosis Therapy?

  • quitting smoking
  • shedding (thinness)
  • insomnia treatment
  • improving memory and learning for children and students (and all other people)
  • release of fear and depression
  • treatment of alcoholism
  • drug addiction treatment
  • painless childbirth
  • addressing the fear of dentists and all other fears
  • against headaches and migraines
  • against clogging
  • to be younger and prettier
  • and happy love and sex life
  • in stress
  • for better results in sports and business …

Hypnosis increases intelligence and flushing. If you want to try any kind of hypnosis and get rid of my problems and habits BOOK YOUR TERM at the VICTUS-life management center in Zagreb, Kranjčevićeva 36 or call 091-333-9999.

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