Race portraits 5 large dog breeds

Although their size is very impressive, they are excellent companions. We inform you today about several very large dog breeds, which, however, usually have a very calm and peaceful character.

In the animal kingdom, the size is important to make a powerful impression of any enemies. Even large dog breeds are very impressive, but most are faithful and very balanced companions. We’ll introduce you to some of them today.

Large breeds of dogs: The Great Dane is impressive!

This breed, which you can see on our post picture, has – as its name already suggests – its origin in Germany. It is likely that she was not so sociable and docile at first, but over time her character could be perfected by intersections.

The Great Dane is the perfect companion and therefore also known as “schehrsamer Giant” or “gentle giant”.

Newfoundlanders should not be missing from the list for large dog breeds

The origin of this breed is found in Terranova, Canada. The inhabitants of this region used the Newfoundland as workhorses who helped with fishing. Later, however, it was discovered how well these dogs can swim. Therefore, they are also commonly used today as water rescue dogs.

Without a doubt, these dogs are among the largest of their kind: The males can reach a withers height of up to 90 cm and weigh about 60 kg. The coat of these giant dogs is water-resistant, the color variable: it is often black, but other colors are possible.

Like other large dog breeds, the Newfoundland dog is a calm and faithful soul.

The Napolitan Mastiff

The Mastino Napoletano is characterized by its unmistakable appearance. This breed comes from the huge Tibetan Mastiffs. There are numerous historical references mentioning this breed as dogs for wars and battles. The Neapolitan mastiff was bred especially in the Italian region of Campania.

With a size of 60 to 70 cm and a weight of about 85 kg, the Neapolitan Mastiff has also earned a place on the list of large breeds of dogs. It stands out in particular through its wrinkled skin, with the most wrinkles to be observed in the head area.

This breed has earned its reputation as a protector. If trained and trained properly, it is a faithful and well-balanced companion.

Large breeds of dogs: The St. Bernard must not be missing!

Originally this faithful friend comes from the Swiss Alps and northern Italy. He is used as a rescue dog in the mountains and is very successful in his work. In addition, he also emerges as a shepherd dog.

The Bernardine measures on average 65 to 75 cm, the females are slightly smaller. He weighs about 80 kg. His character is peaceful and calm, which does not necessarily imply his imposing appearance.

It is a strong and muscular, but very tame and peaceful animal. But do not forget that Bernards need large living space. By the way, there are two different variants with longer and shorter hair.

The Irish Wolfhound

When we talk about big dogs, the Irish Wolfhound should not be missing. This breed comes originally, as the name suggests, from Ireland. It is descended from large greyhound-like dogs that were already used by the Celts for hunting.

Its size is also impressive: it reaches a withers height of up to 100 cm. But he weighs on average only 45 to 55 kg, because the Irish Wolfhound is slim. He has a very strong, hard coat.

His character, however, is extremely docile and balanced. He builds a very strong relationship with his human family, especially the smallest of the house.

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