Lower fever in dogs

If the fever is still there after 24 hours, you must immediately take the dog to the vet, it could be a more serious condition.

Dogs often suffer from fever. Their average temperature is slightly higher than in humans, approximately between 38ºC and 39.2ºC. Everything above this temperature is fever. But how can you reduce fever in dogs?

We show you different options today.

How to recognize fever in dogs?

It is not always easy to know if the dog is missing something. Some signs that may indicate fever in dogs are:

  • The dog has a great need for sleep.
  • He seems sad.
  • He shakes frequently.
  • He feels weak.
  • His heart rate is increased.
  • The dog is breathing fast.
  • He’s coughing.
  • He has to vomit or
  • needs a lot of water

These symptoms may indicate a fever, so you should track down the exact cause. If the dog is actually suffering from a fever, there are several ways to lower the temperature.

How to reduce fever in dogs?

Although fever is not always a symptom of a serious illness, it should be treated. Here are some tips:

  • If the dog has other symptoms in addition to an elevated temperature, you should definitely go to the vet. If it does not seem like a bad thing, you can try the following tips.
  • If the fever is very high, you can make an envelope with cold water or wrap it in a damp towel. Then dry well, so that the dog does not catch cold.
  • If your dog does not like the envelope, you can use a damp cloth to cool the warmest parts, usually the snout, underarms and groin. Dry it off afterward.
  • Give the animal cold water to drink and put his bed in a cool place.
  • You can also bathe the dog in cold water for a short time. Then dry it well, preferably with a cold air dryer.
  • Also an ice pack between the hind legs and / or the head is a good way to reduce the fever in dogs. Do not forget that the animal should not be wet for long and always needs to be dried.

If the fever is still there after 24 hours, you must immediately take the dog to the vet, it could be a more serious condition.

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