How to prevent the unpleasant odor of a wet dog?

If your dog still feels uncomfortable after the hygiene measures, he could suffer from a skin disease. Get information from your vet.

A dog brings good luck and joy into the house, but some things are also uncomfortable. Especially when a dog is wet, it spreads a strong, unpleasant odor that we are not used to. If it’s still hot and humid, that smell can be almost unbearable. But how can you prevent the smell of a wet dog?

In today’s article you will find various tips on this topic.

How is the intense smell of a wet dog? Under the coat, the skin of the dog is protected by a sebum layer from dehydration, bacteria and various environmental factors. This oily secretion causes an unpleasant body odor. The more wet the dog, the more sebum is produced, the stronger the smell.

How can you prevent the disturbing smell of a wet dog?

You can not prevent the odor, regardless of whether the dog is wet in the open or at home in a bath. But different tips can help to keep the body odor as low as possible:

  • Dry the dog as good as possible. Drying with the towel is not enough, you should use the hairdryer to dry the coat. However, some dogs are afraid of it. In that case you can slowly get used to it. Start short and low temperature until your dog is not afraid.
  • Use special dog shampoo while bathing your wet dog.
  • Brush your dog well at the same time to remove possible odor-causing germs, especially if your pet has long hair.
  • Bath your dog regularly, but not too often, to prevent the sebum layer from being completely removed. This makes the dog more susceptible to dry skin, itching, skin irritation and other skin complaints. The veterinarian can tell you how often you should bathe your dog, because it depends on the breed and other factors.
  • Brush your dog daily! Especially long-haired breeds need to be brushed regularly on a regular basis. It spreads the sebum, dead cells and other impurities can be removed and the coat will shine beautifully.

Home remedies to prevent the smell of a wet dog

  • White vinegar works well to neutralize odors. Make a mix of water and white vinegar. The vinegar concentration should be low, so as not to irritate the skin of your animal. Spray the mixture on the coat to prevent unpleasant odor.
  • Also soda can be helpful. Just sprinkle some soda on the coat and brush the dog at the same time. Soda is deodorant and very effective, it has no contraindications or side effects.
  • Commercially available dog perfumes can also make a good contribution. They eliminate the unpleasant odors of a wet dog. You should, however, look at the ingredients well and not exaggerate so as not to harm your pet’s skin.
  • A dog needs sun, so you should take it on a sunny walk at least once a day, weather permitting. Too much sun can be dangerous, so the responsibility is important. Unpleasant odors can be reduced with it.
  • Of course you should also regularly clean the dog bed and other blankets, surfaces or objects used by him. Only then can unpleasant odors be reduced. You can use vinegar and soda for cleaning.

What to do if the smell does not disappear?

If the problem persists, the dog may be suffering from a skin disease. See if other symptoms are present, pruritus, dandruff, skin changes or other signs that may indicate discomfort.

Some dogs are genetically predisposed to atopic dermatitis and suffer from allergies that may be caused by house dust mites, insects, fungi or pollen, for example. Food allergies can also occur. These also make the dog more susceptible to bacteria that produce bad odor.

The unpleasant odor of a wet dog can not be prevented but reduced. Take our tips into account and ensure sufficient hygiene.

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