How do you clean the eyes of a dog?

The regular control look is essential to keep the dog’s eyes healthy. We’ll show you today how to take care of your dog’s eyes.

The cleaning of the eyes of a dog should be taken into account in the daily hygiene, because with it eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis, can be avoided. Many dogs have sensitive eyes, so it is especially important to check if there is a foreign body or secretions.

The regular control look is essential to keep the dog’s eyes healthy. We’ll show you today how to take care of your dog’s eyes.

Secretions in the eyes

Normal secretions can easily be removed with a tissue. Do not use cotton swabs, because the dog could move unexpectedly and the cotton swab could cause damage in this case.

For dried secretions, a damp cloth helps. There are special wet wipes for dogs in the animal trade.

Reddened eyes with greenish secretions may indicate conjunctivitis. In that case, it is best to go directly to the vet to have the infection treated. Do not use home remedies or your own medication. The situation could get worse!

Particularly sensitive breeds

In particular, short-nosed breeds have particularly sensitive eyes, such as Pekingese, Pug, Shih Tzu or Maltese. You therefore need special care.

But other dog breeds should not be neglected. For long-haired dogs, keep in mind that their eyes are clear and their hair is out of sight. You can cut the hair around your nose so they do not bother your eyes, but be very careful.

Hygiene in puppy age

We recommend getting dogs accustomed to a hygiene routine early on. This way you can prevent them from getting nervous and it is easier to take care of them.

Eye care

Use a special cloth or piece of gauze that you dabble in a special physiological solution for cleaning dog eyes. Even warm chamomile tea is suitable. Clean the eyes from top to bottom to remove secretions or foreign matter.

Be careful and gentle. Repeat the procedure until the eyes are actually clean. Use a new gauze for the second eye to avoid the risk of infection. Clean your dog’s eyes twice a week. If you see secretions, cleaning can also be done more often.

For eye problems, daily eye care is often very important.

The reward

After cleaning your eyes your dog deserves a reward. He can thus combine the eye care with something positive and will gradually accept the ritual.

Eye diseases

If your dog’s eyes are constantly tearing, he may be suffering from eye discharge (Epiphora). It often comes to slimy or purulent secretions. Often this is an indication of an inflammatory or degenerative eye disease.

Certain breeds are particularly susceptible to hereditary factors. You should seek advice from your veterinarian in this case.

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