How can you protect your dog from heatstroke?

Under no circumstances should you leave your dog alone in the car, even if you have the car parked in the shade or the temperature is not too high.

On hot summer days, you not only have to drink enough water yourself but also protect your best friend from heatstroke. Of course, we mean your dog!

Dogs are very sensitive to high temperatures, so the action is needed to protect them.

Risk of heatstroke in dogs

High temperatures, great physical exertions or prolonged waiting in a locked car can lead to a hit blow in dogs.

Dogs sweat under the fur on the paws but regulate the temperature mainly by breathing. At too high temperatures four-legged friends begin to smile.

In a heat stroke, the body temperature of a dog rises from 38 ° C to 42 ° C. This can have very negative effects, as it leads to an oxygen deficiency. That’s why prevention is so important!

Protect your dog from too high temperatures to avoid a heat stroke!

Signs of heat stroke

The following signs inform you that your dog is exposed to high temperatures and is suffering from a heat stroke:

  • Irritated mucous membranes or dark spots in the mouth and eyes
  • Accelerated breathing and excessive wheezing
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Vomit
  • Limited movements
  • seizures
  • Depression
  • Loss of consciousness

How do you protect your dog from heatstroke?

Consider the following recommendations to protect your dog from excessive temperatures:

  • Make sure that your dog always has clean and freshwater available.
  • It is important that he does not spend much time in the sun at high temperatures.
  • Go out early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s cooler.
  • If the dog is on the balcony, on a terrace or in the yard, shade and plenty of water should be available.
  • The home of the four-legged friends in the house should be well ventilated and cool.

Never leave your dog alone in the car

Again and again, you hear that dog owners leave their four-legged friend in a locked car, which can have fatal consequences.

Under no circumstances should you leave your dog alone in the car, even if you have the car parked in the shade or the temperature is not too high.

The risk is too great because the dog could suffer a heat stroke in a short time, which can be fatal.

Certain dog breeds are very sensitive to heat:

  • Great Danes and other dull-nose dogs (pugs, boxers and bulldogs)
  • Older dogs, especially if they have respiratory problems.
  • Overweight dogs.

How to behave when a dog has suffered a heat stroke?

If there is still a heat stroke, you have to act urgently! The following measures can decide between life and death of your beloved four-legged friend:

  • Give him water, but do not force him to drink if he can not do it on his own.
  • Cool your dog, but remember that the water is not too cold (never ice!). Do not put it in water and do not cover it with wet towels.
  • Take the dog to a cool place!

Get your dog to the vet as soon as possible, who can treat him properly to avoid worse!

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