How can a dog overcome the grief of another pet?

When a dog has to deal with the loss of a beloved animal, there is often a sudden appetite or increased attachment.

Several studies show that seven out of ten dogs suffer from depression if they suffer from the loss of one of their beloved animals. If you have multiple dogs and one of the animals dies, the remaining dog may become depressed. How to help him overcome his grief is explained in this article.

Overcome the sadness

When a dog has to deal with the loss of a beloved animal, there is often a sudden appetite or increased attachment. Maybe your dog does not feel like playing or for the daily walk, because he is overwhelmed by deep sadness.

If the dog is desperate, sleeps longer than normal, and is in a bad mood, you should visit a veterinarian, because not only humans, animals can also suffer from depression:

Dog Psychology

Many clinics and veterinarians have professionals who can help the dog overcome his sadness. There are also psychologists for animals!

How to help your dog overcome the grief of another pet:

  • Encourage your dog and take time to do his favorite activities with him. Be especially affectionate to him and leave him on the sofa for once. But that should not be a habit!
  • A walk is always a good idea, because almost all dogs love this time. If your dog likes to play, entertain him as often as possible.
  • There are dogs that like traveling by car. Others prefer edible treats or certain snacks. You can comfort your dog with it in the first few days of mourning.
  • Pats and friendly words are also very important to help the dog to overcome the mourning period. Like humans, dogs need a lot of love and care during this time.
  • Try not to show your dog your own sadness. Dogs are very sensitive and can be “infected” by negative emotions. Try to give your dog peace and relaxation. When he sees you sad, he becomes even more depressed. Life goes on, daily routine can help overcome sadness.

Pain during mourning for another animal

People who lose a loved one go through various mourning phases: denial, anger, negotiation, depression, acceptance … Dogs initially experience emotional confusion, their daily routine changes, and the animal feels insecure due to the loss.

Depression can develop. If the deceased beast was the leader, his four-legged friend no longer has an example. He will be more interested in other dogs and much more barking. Maybe he feels threatened and wants to warn other dogs.

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