Dog to protect from the cold: 5 tips

If your dog does not belong to a particularly cold-resistant breed, you should protect it at low temperatures.

When temperatures drop in the winter, dogs must also be protected from the cold. How you can do that, you will find out in our article today.

Protect your dog from the cold!

If your dog does not belong to a particularly cold-resistant breed, you should protect it at low temperatures. The following animals in particular need protection from the cold:

  • small dog breeds
  • Animals with little hairiness
  • very young, elderly or sick animals (especially respiratory diseases)

These tips can help you protect your dog from the cold in winter:

  • Warm, comfortable sleeping space

If your dog sleeps in the house, he will love a warm place, but large temperature differences are not necessarily good, otherwise, the dog gets used to heat too much.

He should have a nice, warm sleeping place, but not right next to the heater. A dog bed or blanket can keep him away from the cold floor.

If your dog does not sleep in the house, he needs a kennel that’s warm enough to protect him from the cold. Also rain and moisture must be prevented. For example, it may be a rubber or wooden floor with a warm ceiling, and the walls and ceiling must be clad with polyurethane or fiberglass panels.

  • Warm, waterproof clothes for walks

Sudden changes in temperature often cause illness not only in humans, but also in dogs. It is, therefore, worthwhile to protect the dog from the cold during a walk. Fashion does not matter, you can buy functional dog clothes or sew something yourself.

When it rains, the protective mantle should be waterproof so that the animal does not arrive home completely soaked. Shoes are only suitable in very specific cases for very sensitive dogs in the snow, but are usually out of place.

  • Shorter walks

When it is snowing and cold, you should reduce the walks and keep them as short as possible. You can also provide movement in the house by playing with your dog.

You can reduce the risk of colds or other illnesses.

  • Do not cut the hair

You should not cut your dog’s hair in freezing cold, it will have time until spring when it gets warmer again.

Take care of the coat and brush it regularly. Bath your dog in the house with warm water in a heated room.

  • Make sure he has all the vaccinations

Have your dog vaccinated regularly? At low temperatures, vaccination against infectious bronchitis may be worthwhile. Although this disease is not serious, healing takes time.

The following symptoms may occur:

  • to cough
  • High fever
  • Vomit
  • Clogged wet

If these symptoms occur, you should have your dog taken to the vet and treated.

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