Clean house – despite the pet!

A clean house in spite of a pet is not that easy, because it’s not just about removing dog or cat hair. Also, various hygiene measures are essential to feel comfortable and healthy. In addition, bad odors must be avoided!

When a pet or pets are present, a typical odor often arises, which can be unpleasant if one does not meet appropriate hygiene measures. Despite regular cleaning, this smell can last. With our tips today, however, you can have a clean house despite the pet, which is free from unpleasant odors.

The right place for the pets

If you value a clean house, you should assign your pets a place to sleep, which you clean regularly. The dog or cat bed should be easy to wash!

If the floor allows it, it is advisable to use a disinfectant during cleaning, which at the same time removes bad odors. It is best not to place the feeding and drinking bowl in the kitchen to prevent unpleasant odors, and clean it daily.

Bath your pet regularly!

Some say that a pet should only be bathed once a month, but many experts say it can easily take a bath every two weeks.

You can remove unpleasant smells from the fur and use special perfume to make your pet smell good. In the bath, you can also eliminate loose hair, which is then no longer distribute in the house.

Choose the decoration carefully

If pets are present, the decoration objects and furniture should be easy to clean. Carpets or other items can complicate this task, take longer to clean and make it harder to remove bad odors or dirt.

Pets can restrict the choice of objects to decorate the house, but there are also simply washable carpets and other beautiful items that are easy to clean.

Brush your dog or cat daily

Even if it does not seem that your pet is losing hair, you should brush it daily. Not only will the coat stay healthy and shiny, you can also remove many hairs that you will find throughout the house. It’s easier to get a clean house.

Wash the animal bed

The regular cleaning of the pet’s bed or other objects is essential for a clean house. If you bathe your pet every two weeks, then you should also clean all his items.

Not all dog beds have replaceable covers or can be put into the washing machine as a whole. Inform yourself well when buying, so that cleaning can be done as simply as possible.

Use protective covers

If you allow your pet to jump onto the sofa, it’s best to protect it with a slipcover or blanket that you can wash regularly to prevent dirt and unpleasant odors.

This is easier than brushing the sofa or cleaning the pillows. You can simply wash the blanket or cover in the washing machine to make a clean house.

Good ventilation!

The regular ventilation is also essential to expel unpleasant odors and to let in the fresh air. In winter, the daily bump ventilation is recommended, in summer, the windows may be quiet longer open.

Ventilate especially the room where your pet or pets are.

You can have a clean house despite your pet. Consider these tips and no one will see or smell that you have pets!

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