Car ride with dog

A special safety belt for dogs is obligatory in Germany because the traffic safety must not be affected by the animal.

If you take your dog with you in the car, you must follow certain rules to ensure safety. The safety belt is one of these measures. Then you will learn what you should consider on a car trip with a dog.

what needs to be considered?

There are clear rules in Germany, which are formulated in Article 23 of the Road Ordinance. The driver is responsible for the road safety of the vehicle and must also ensure that this is given when a dog is driving in the car.

Even if you often see dogs without a belt in the car, this is not legal, so you should refrain from it. There are several ways to provide security while meeting legal requirements:

  • Use a transport cage that comes in a variety of sizes. If it is a small animal, you can put it on the ground; if it is bigger, the travel kennel is best placed in the trunk. A shielding grid is also a good option.
  • A special harness for dogs is also perfect to protect the safety of all road users. The belt is cheap and comfortable.

Why should you use a seat belt when driving a dog?

Regardless of legal regulations, it is about protecting the lives of all road users. No action is too much to guarantee this. If you transport an animal, it must, therefore, be secured accordingly.

But which model and which brand is best chosen? If you are buying a safety belt for a car with a dog, make sure that it is homologated. You then know that it is a tested and efficient harness that can save lives.

You can have a quiet conscience because you know that the belt will work in an emergency.

How is the seat belt used correctly when driving a dog?

Simple: The strap can be hung on the collar or harness of the dog. In the car, the seat belt is then strapped.

Your dog may not be used to being strapped in and is nervous. Prepare him with the dog before driving so he can get used to it slowly.

Put your dog in the car, talk to him gently and fasten him with the special dog seat belt. Maybe the dog wants to remove the strap or he starts howling or whimpering.

Calm him gently and talk to him, so he sees that nothing happens. Do not let it strapped to the strap for too long. Repeat this process often before the first car ride with dog, so that the situation over time becomes quite normal.

Take a short drive with your dog and talk to him to calm him down. Maybe the dog just falls asleep, or the ride is fun!

Do not forget that dog owners have to take responsibility. Safety measures in the car can save lives!

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