A dog saves itself from euthanasia

Today we tell you the story of a collie who saved himself from euthanasia in the last second. A small, rare miracle.

When an animal comes home for the first time, it gets used to its family very quickly and becomes part of it. Therefore, there is nothing more painful for animal lovers than having to release an animal from his suffering through euthanasia.

Today we tell you the story of a collie who saved himself from euthanasia in the last second. A small, rare miracle.

Let yourself be surprised by Ollie the shepherd dog. We tell you why euthanasia was planned and how this clever dog could escape from it.

Ollie’s fate: euthanasia

Ollie is ten years old and lives together with his owners Al and Joelie Meteney in Portland, USA. Like most dogs, Ollie is happy and loves the daily walk in the park, the game and the trips with his beloved owners.

Ollie leads a normal, happy dog ​​life. His master stashes a few things in the car and Ollie is waiting to be called. He hears his name and is looking forward to a trip!

The trip took us to Oregon, a beautiful place with lots of nature … perfect for Ollie!

After the trip

Ollie was having fun with his family, but when they got home after the trip, the nightmare began.

The dog could not move properly, at first it looked like sore muscles, but this could not be. It was not only difficult for him to walk, but also to eat, and new complaints were added every day.

The food intake was with great difficulty and the dog owners had the collie examined by veterinarians. The results of urine and blood tests, as well as other studies, were disappointing.

There was no definite disease, but Ollie’s health continued to deteriorate. He was able to eat better, but he could not move anymore.

When the Meteneys arrived back at the vet, he made them clear: you have to put the dog to sleep. The dog should not suffer unnecessarily, the euthanasia is the best.

It was heartbreaking news for the family, it was heartbroken, but it seemed to be the only solution.

The fateful day of euthanasia

The owners of Ollie resigned to the clinic and tried to accept that they would never see their dog again. The medical team was ready. It was a sad picture, the family cried and the nurses needed their help.

A nurse gently said goodbye to Ollie and discovered a strange bump behind the animal’s ear.

She found bloodstains and discovered a tick, which was probably already present for some time! She fed on the blood of the dog and this suffered in the episode of a disturbed nervous system.

The doctors offered the family a new solution: remove the tick and watch the animal for three days to see if it would recover. In rare cases, ticks can lead to paralysis.

Ollie did not need three days! After just a few hours he was recovered and was able to go home to his family in the evening. The same day he was like new and wanted

The recovery took place the same day and he jumped up and scratched the door as usual to make peephole.

Ask for thorough analysis and testing of your animal when it is ill. It can be a rare case and you may be able to save the life of your pet.

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