5 unpleasant odors for dogs

The sense of smell of dogs is 40 times stronger than that of humans and some for us pleasant smells dogs can not stand.

Dogs have much more olfactory cells than humans, so we are able to perceive odors much more intensively and from a greater distance. Our four-legged friends quickly recognize whether they like the smell or not. You want to know what smells dogs can not stand? Here we tell you!

In this context, one must not only consider that the sense of smell of dogs is far superior to that of humans, and the tastes are also different! Maybe you love the scent of a flower, but your dog reacts with disdain. But how do you know if the four-legged friend likes a smell or not?

Unpleasant odors for dogs

citrus fruits

The aroma of citrus fruit is probably one of your favorite scents. It reminds you of cleanliness and we are sure you have one or two cleaners with this fragrance at home. But do not forget: dogs can not stand this smell.

You’ve read correctly: If you have a dog at home and use a cleanser with a citrus scent, you should change your detergent better. Imagine the intense citrus fragrance 40 times stronger, because that’s exactly how your dog perceives it.

The smell is even so strong for dogs that they can suffer damage to the nasal cavities and airways.

You could also use this smell to your advantage. For example, if you want to prevent your dog from pissing into the house, set up a bowl of essential oils that smell like citrus. Problem solved!


If you like to use vinegar for cleaning your house, you should rethink your decision. Because your dog can not stand this smell! Nonetheless, if you want to prevent your dog from peeing into the house at certain places, it is an excellent remedy. Since it is a natural product, it can not harm your dog.

Hot paprika

The scent of chilli or cayenne pepper is very irritating to dogs. If you want to keep your dog away from a certain area in your house, put some cayenne pepper in the place, but out of the reach of your nose, so that your four-legged friend does not come in direct contact with the product.

The ingredients can affect your dog’s respiratory system, irritate his nose, or cause constant sneezing. Therefore, do not forget to wash your hands if you use these spices in cooking and then want to pet your dog. It could cause problems with the mucous membranes of your dog.


If a dog could scream, he would certainly do it with that smell, because it is extremely unpleasant for the four-legged friend. Ammonia contains many chemicals that produce strong odors and therefore deter the dog.

This product irritates the nose of the dog and leads to constant sneezing. Some people compare the odor of ammonia with the smell of urine, but dogs feel differently.


The smell of these small mothballs, which we often put in our closet, is very unpleasant for our dogs. But not only that! If your four-legged friend eats one of these bullets, he can even die from it. This product is highly toxic and causes damage to the liver and nervous system.

If you have a dog, you should not risk your life with it. Instead, fill small bags with dried lavender or other flowers and put them in the cupboard.

Particularly noteworthy are smells that emanate from cleaning products and perfumes and are extremely unpleasant for dogs. Keep your pet away from such products as much as possible.

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