5 small dog breeds

Even if they are small, they are no less important. Today we introduce you to various breeds of small size, which also have space in a reduced apartment. Read on to learn more.

There are numerous small dog breeds, but today we have selected 5 of them, which also fit into small apartments. Would you like to learn more about their properties and benefits? Then read on!

Small dog breeds: Chihuahua, the king!

The first representative on our list for small dog breeds is the Chihuahua, a classic. You can see him in our post picture. Originally, this breed comes from Mexico and its history goes back to the 19th century.

The predecessor of the Chihuahua was called Techichi, an animal that was already valued in the Toltec culture as a faithful companion.

It is an excellent companion animal that is a faithful companion especially for those who live alone. But this dog breed is delicate and fragile, that should also be taken into account.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

This little faithful companion comes from the UK, specifically from Wales. There, this breed has been at home for centuries and was used as a shepherd dog.

The Welsh Corgi measures between 20 and 30 cm and weighs between 12 and 14 kg. It is so much bigger than a Chihuahua, but it still fits in our list for small dog breeds.

Despite its size, the Welsh Corgi is robust, strong and very active. His coat is smooth and can have different colors, but there are always white spots.

Small dog breeds: Pekingese

It is one of the oldest dog breeds known. Presumably, it comes from the woolly Tibetan dogs, who then gave this breed through different crosses.

The Pekingese is usually no heavier than five pounds. Although he is very small, but also very robsut and therefore he has his weight. He also has a double layer of fur, in particular, the long hair around the ears are characteristic.

This dog does not necessarily distinguish himself by his intelligence, but he is brave and loving. It should also be emphasized that he can be aggressive, but is also very playful. The Pekingese does not like strenuous physical exercise, he prefers to have it at home and sleeps.

The Prague Rattler

The Prague Rattler must also be mentioned when it comes to small dog breeds. He belongs to the Toy breeds and is at most 23 cm tall. Its weight is around 2.5 kg.

Often this breed is mistaken for the miniature pinscher or a chihuahua, but it is a different breed. The Prague rattler is very active and full of energy and character. He is intelligent and, in particular, his obedience and fidelity must be emphasized.

These active dogs need a lot of attention and build a very strong bond with their owner or mistress. However, one has to be aware because they are susceptible to broken bones because of their small size.

French bulldog

Finally, we would like to mention the French bulldog, whose origins can be found in France in the 19th century. It is one of the most popular small dog breeds.

It should be emphasized that the French bulldog is small, but very robust, compact and strong. Their characteristic appearance is characterized in particular by the big ears. This breed is usually no larger than 35 cm and weighs no more than 14 kg.

These dogs are perfect for small apartments and do not need a long spout. In addition, they are sociable and loyal, but also very stubborn! But the French Bulldog is definitely an excellent and very familial companion.

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