5 distress signals in dogs

Behaviors that are sometimes funny can be a distress signal for a health problem.

Each dog owner should recognize certain emergency signals that can be observed in a dog in order to act quickly if necessary. Certain behaviors may look funny, but in reality, indicate an emergency requiring a quick response!

  • The dog rubs his buttocks on the ground

If the dog slips with the buttocks over the floor, then he usually wants to clean himself after defecation. However, if this occurs more often and unfounded and the dog licks constantly in this area, it could cause inflammation of the anal glands, causing itching and pain.

These two small glands, which are also called anal bags, are very important for odor communication among conspecifics. However, they can also cause various problems.

In this case, you should not watch or film the funny behavior to share on social networks, but bring your dog to the vet to have him examined or treated accordingly.

Behaviors that are sometimes funny can be a distress signal for a health problem.

  • The animal persistently pursues its tail

Who has not laughed at a dog trying to catch its tail? If you observe this with your dog, you should be careful. It does not necessarily have a problem, but it could be a distress signal if the behavior is compulsive.

If the dog is constantly pursuing its own tail, this is one of the distress signals that indicate a stereotypical behavior. Boredom, anxiety and stress can lead to it. Especially if animals are not sufficiently stimulated and spend a lot of time alone or locked up, this behavior can develop.

The dog could also have pain in the spine or skin aches. Take the animal to the vet for diagnosis and treatment.

  • Scratching the face

If a dog repeatedly rubs its face against a wall, it could also be one of the distress signals. The animal could suffer from an eye or ear infection, causing itching and pain.

It could also be that the pet has leftover food between the teeth that needs to be removed.

If the behavior lasts longer, you should consult a veterinarian.

  • The dog is crouching on his forelegs

When playing, the dog can sometimes sit on the front legs, but if it multiplies and occurs at other moments, the animal may suffer from abdominal pain.

Take your dog to the vet to find out the exact causes of this behavior. It could be one of the distress signals for pancreatitis.

  • The dog scratches excessively with its hind legs

It often looks really funny how dogs scratch their hind legs, but remember, it could be a health problem. You have to find out the exact causes of this behavior. It is probably a dermatological problem.

Itching can be inter alia

  • fleas,
  • Ticks or
  • warts

to be triggered. Take your dog to the vet and have him examined.

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